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One of the world's best manufacturers of ventilation equipment - the company "Soler&Palau" (S&P) - has been operating in its industry for half a century, especially specializing in the production of fans.

In 1951, when S&P started operations, it was quite clear that in order to achieve a quality standard that meets market requirements, attention must be paid to all aspects of development and production. Throughout S&P's existence, there has been constant investment in these areas.

Currently, there are more than 60 engineers working in 8 production plants around the world. The laboratories are equipped with the most accurate control and measurement systems to guarantee the highest efficiency of the products.

In production, S&P implements all the basic technologies of fan production: aluminum castings, motor production, laser processing of steel plates, plastic castings, epoxy-polyester painting, cataphoresis and powder painting.

These technologies, together with automatic assembly conveyors, ensure the most efficient production of the 3,000 products in the catalog.


SIA "S&P Baltic" is "Soler & Palau" subsidiary with a large warehouse of goods, which ensures the delivery of ventilation equipment to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in the shortest terms.

S&P products have been known in Latvia for more than 20 years. Its quality has been highly appreciated by builders and users, as evidenced by the constantly growing demand.

The company "S&P Baltic" employs 20 highly qualified specialists in their field.

Designers, builders and assembly specialists are provided with all kinds of consultations and assistance in the design of ventilation systems and the selection of equipment.

S&P bathroom and toilet fans are supplied to all major building materials stores so that anyone interested can purchase them at their convenience.

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